Bibby Line Limited is the ship owning division of Bibby Line Group; a diverse, £1billion global business, proud to deliver personal, responsive and flexible solutions to customers for over 200 years. One of the longest established family businesses in the UK, the Group has companies in the financial services, distribution, retail, shipping, marine and construction sectors. To find out more visit

Welcome to BIBBY Line Ltd

Bibby Line Limited is the Shipping Division of Bibby Line Group Limited; a privately-owned business services group with its roots in shipping.

Today, the Shipping Division operates assets in two markets, Products and Dry Bulk, but historically has owned a diverse range of vessels in LPG, Crude, Chemical, Container and OBO markets - see ‘Bibby History Link’.

And going forward the division will continue to expand into attractive maritime markets.

Bibby Line has built a strong reputation over 200 years for professionalism, integrity and quality. This, combined with Bibby’s financial strength, allows the Shipping Division to respond quickly to new opportunities.

The Division’s strategy is clear and aggressive. Bibby Line aims to grow, diversify and further strengthen its position in its chosen markets. It has the resources, and particularly committed employees, to deliver further growth and prosperity to its stakeholders.


Bibby Line Limited is aware of a company calling themselves “Bibby Line Shipping” which advertises an on-line worldwide vehicle transportation service. This company is not a part of, and has no connection with, Bibby Line Group. ActionFraud have been made aware of this matter and any relevant information should be passed on to them accordingly (contact details as per their website,

Bibby Line Limited has also recently become aware of a company calling themselves “Bibby Line Shipping Company UK” who are advertising bogus vacancies for officers and crew on our vessels. These are fraudulent job offers. Bibby Line Limited do not employ seafarers directly. All crew placements are handled by our managers, V. Ships, which is part of the V. Group. Any contact with “Bibby Line Shipping Company UK” should be reported to ActionFraud.

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